Monday, July 5, 2010

Sub Zero

 It's too cold right now, I almost froze to death taking these pictures. I do believe this is the first time I have posted these leather pants (real leather I might add) I was so lucky to find them actually, they were at my favourite second hand store and I bought them for like $6. It may sound crazy but I knew I was going to find a pair just like this, they go with everything! 

 It's a pretty basic outfit, with my favourite shoes and what's turning into my go-to cardigan, but it just feels right for today. I will get some new heels soon so I can finally stop re-posting and re-wearing these booties, I just love them waay too much. I have an extreme fear of wearing them out, a fear weighed out only by my irrational urge to wear them second of every day. But my next love shall be clogs, those faithful, beautiful wooden shoes that have popped up on Chanel runways and, to my delight, the sportsgirl website!
 Happy shopping!

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